Banff Mountain Film Festival a Success

The festival opened on Thursday, December 8th, 2005 with an audience of approximately 150, who came out to enjoy some award winning films from all over the world. There were 11 films presented throughout the evening. The films ranged from extreme mountain biking and free falling to rock and mountain climbing. There were films that portrayed amazing feats of inspiration and determination and films that were funny and amazing at the same time. With such a wide range of film materials and subject matter, there was definitely something for everyone. It was a great evening that was enjoyed by all.

This festival, year after year enriches the lives of its audience. 2006 will be Tumbler?s 10th year for hosting this event. Each year the Continuing Education Department of the Northern Lights College (NLC) and the Wolverine Nordic Mountain Society (WNMS) takes the challenge to plan and organize the festival. The hardest challenge is to raise enough funds from the event to cover all associated costs of being a host. This year we gave it our all and raised enough money to cover most of the expenditures. We hope to secure some funding early on in the year in order to promote the festival even more for its 10th anniversary.

The NLC and WNMS would like to thank all those who assisted with the festival, from setup to tear down. Thanks to everyone who helped sell the tickets, thanks to Dan?s Outdoor Accessories, Ellor Enterprises and Nemi for their generous contributions and finally thanks to Jerrilyn Schembri and the Tumbler Ridge Secondary School for their continuous support over the years.