Record Crowd for Banff Films Evening

Charles Helm

A record crowd of 160 attended the screening of the best of the Banff Mountain Film Festival in the TRSS Gym on October 9th. This event has been held in Tumbler Ridge for 16 consecutive years. Initially it was hosted by Northern Lights College, then the Community Arts Council, and more recently by the Wolverine Nordic and Mountain Society (WNMS). Thirteen action-packed films were screened in just over two hours, holding the audience spell-bound on the edge of their seats: skiing, rock climbing, ice-climbing, mountain biking, kayaking, mountain comedy, etc.

Year after year the high school has provided this venue, a great gesture. Ms. Whyte’s Phys Ed class helped set up all the chairs. WNMS volunteers helped with set-up, dismantling and clean-up. The 2013 Grad Class provided refreshments as a fundraiser. The Lions Club generously purchased 40 tickets for school-kids. All in all, a great community event that celebrates the fact that Tumbler Ridge is a mountain town and enjoys mountain culture.

Tumbler Ridge is, in fact, one of the smallest of the 350 communities that are on the World Tour for these films. Admission of just $10 for adults and $5 for kids ensured that the evening was accessible to all. WNMS uses proceeds from the Emperor’s Challenge to bring this event to Tumbler Ridge. One item of special note is that Jerrilyn Schembri has sold tickets at the door for these films each and every year. Sixteen in a row – an incredible tradition!

Paul Price, who was the Banff Films “road warrior” that showed the films, enjoyed a lantern tour to the dinosaur tracks on the Wolverine River, hiked to the tracks on Flatbed Creek, and enjoyed other hiking opportunities during his brief stay. He was full of praise for the Tumbler Ridge trails and for the hospitality of the locals. He, and WNMS, were just satisfied to see 160 happy people enjoy this event, and look forward to being back in a year for more adrenalin-inducing armchair travel.