Banner Year for Peace Energy Cooperative

DAWSON CREEK, BC, April 17, 2007– Membership is up 40% over this time last year for the Peace Energy Cooperative, according to Don Pettit, chair of the Peace Energy marketing committee.

Increased membership was just one of the topics discussed at the Cooperative?s annual general meeting on Thursday, April 17. ?Membership has grown steadily over the year,? says Pettit. ?We are now at 257 members, and this last year was our largest increase in a single year to date.?

The coop has grown rapidly because of interest in Bear Mountain Wind Park, but also because of growing concern over global warming, explains Pettit. ?The coop not only offers local ownership of renewable resources to our members, but also promotes and is working to develop clean energy sources like wind and solar that do not contribute to climate change. People are worried and looking for answers, as well they should be. Peace Energy Coop is part of the solution, not part of the problem.?

?It?s been a big year for us,? agrees Steve Rison, president of the cooperative. ?And it?s amazing how far we?ve come in the last year. We successfully bid to BC Hydro in August, so we now have a power purchase agreement in place for the Bear Mountain Wind Park. Over the last few months, we have had a considerable amount of public consultation, far beyond what would have been required for a project of this size.?

While Bear Mountain has occupied much of the cooperative?s time, it is not the only thing the cooperative is working on. ?We are not just a wind cooperative, and we are not just working on Bear Mountain Wind,? says Rison. ?We have signed a contract with the City of Dawson Creek to do wind monitoring at two locations, including Northern Lights College. I had a meeting with GeoTility Geothermal Systems in Kelowna to discuss how we can work with them. We are also excited to be a part of the Northern Lights College Energy House that is expected to be built this year.?

One of the main points of business at Thursday?s meeting was to re-elect three board members whose terms had run out. Rison, Chris Garwah and Don Pettit were all re-elected by acclamation.