Baptism at Flatbed Creek

We celebrate and congratulate the Grad?s of 2007 for their efforts and achievements and bless them on their next journey of life. There was another celebration and journey that took place a couple of Sunday?s ago. Eight youth of our community took a huge step in their spiritual lives and were baptized down at Flatbed Creek, Pastor?s Doug Spinney and Ben Kostomo had the honor and the privilege of facilitating this great event and blessed each one as the huge crowd listened to their testimony of faith. The eight excited youth that took part were Rebekah Zimmer, Ellyanne Spinney, Amanda Miller, Alyssa Thompson, Cody Duperreault, George Saul, Logan Martens and Zack Groves. So let us rejoice with the host of heaven and congratulate these youth when we see them, because it just strengthens the fact that we live in a safe, positive community and our youth play such an important role. God Bless you guys.