BC Arts and Culture Week Draws Lukewarm Response

A province wide attempt to celebrate Arts and Culture Week seemed to slip by as few attended the events. The kick-off for the week long festivities began with Java Jive Coffee House on April 22nd, with approximately 25 attending, many were the musicians performing.

This monthly live jam is good entertainment with a potential for musicians and vocalists to come up and share their talents. There will be additional musical venues this coming summer with the Downtown Getdown Summer Series, an outdoor performance held on the Roman Walkway.

Next on the itinerary was the On The Spot #4 talent show hosted by the young people of Theatre On The Ridge and attended predominantly by just parents and family of the performers. Many of the people aged 5-14 sang and danced with a poetry recital by the youngest club member.

Immediately after the talent show was Performing Arts Day with a great variety of talent. There was a belly dance troupe as well as several theatrical monologues and skits by the Grizzly Valley Players. The show went on despite only two people not members of the theatre company attending.

A Free For All Arts Workshop was presented free of charge to participating people in the crowd. Held at the Fireside Lounge on April 29th during the day, several artists gave their time and expertise to help future artists learn a few things.

Last but not least was the second showing of TR Time Travel through the Musical Decades, performed by the adult company of Theatre On The Ridge; Grizzly Valley Players. The popularity of the first performance on March 11th prompted a second run on the 29th and about 75 people attended the dessert theatre. Feedback from this event was excellent and everyone enjoyed themselves, cast and crew included.

The importance of arts and culture in our community is far-reaching. The effort our local artisans and performing artists put into these events is a huge job and they do it out of love of their craft. Please remember to support our artists in all their endeavors.