BC Field Ornithologists Come to Tumbler Ridge

Watch out for lots of binoculars and spotting scopes the weekend of 25-27 June. Eighty members of the British Columbia Field Ornithologists (BCFO) will be descending on Tumbler Ridge for their annual conference.

These passionate birdwatchers will be enjoying a welcome reception, two mornings of field trips to regional birding hotspots, an afternoon symposium of scientific presentations, and a banquet.

This is not the first time the BCFO has concentrated on BC?s northeast in the past ? the 2002 conference was held in Dawson Creek, and the 2000 conference in Prince George. In part this is because it is the meeting point for western and eastern species, and there are many birds that are found in this region that occur nowhere else in the province.

In coming to Tumbler Ridge, the possibility of sighting hard-to-find alpine species such as ptarmigan on the summit of Mount Spieker is a further enticement. The wetland birds of the Bullmoose Marshes, the forest birds at Tumbler Point, and the eastern species of Brassey Creek will all hopefully be ticked off by these visiting birders.

Yet another reason for choosing Tumbler Ridge is the dinosaurs ? birds are an offshoot of theropod dinosaurs. Field trips will be offered to the Tumbler Ridge Museum Foundation?s dinosaur field sites, and birders given an introduction to palaeontology.

The Inn and the B&Bs are booked full with birders for the weekend, and many are expected to be in the Lions Campground as well. As Tumbler Ridge is becoming known more and more as a place where the scenery, ambience and attractions are great, and the lifestyle is good and healthy, its role as a conference centre of the future is almost a given. Thank you to the BCFO for its pioneer role in this exercise of economic diversification!