BC Hydro contributes to Tumbler Ridge tax base

BC Hydro paid $191,967 in school taxes and grants-in-lieu of general property taxes to the District of Tumbler Ridge for the 2004 calendar year.

Of that amount, school taxes accounted for $156,549 and grants-in-lieu and other taxes were $35,418.

An additional $424,075 grant-in-lieu of general taxes for dams, reservoirs and generating stations was paid to the Peace River Regional District for the G.M. Shrum generating station, unchanged from last year.

“These payments show our commitment to our customers, and help provide local municipalities and rural areas with support for school districts, infrastructure and operations, the building blocks of any strong community,” said BC Hydro President and CEO, Bob Elton.

Province-wide, BC Hydro paid approximately $142.9 million in taxes and grants-in-lieu of general taxes for 2004, an increase of approximately

$1.1 million over the total amount paid in the 2003 calendar year. The increase was paid in grants and other taxes.

Of the $142.9 million paid this year, approximately $99 million went to school taxes and $43.9 million for grants and other taxes to local governments (municipalities), regional districts and the province (rural areas).