Andy Ackermann and Rob Bressette of the BC Parks Fort St John office traveled all the way to Tumbler Ridge to recognize the local volunteer planners and trail builders whose work has created the new trail system at The Cascades in Monkman Provincial Park.

The Cascades are one of the most magnificent and wild places in Canada, and are now a bit more accessible and easy to enjoy, thanks to the new trails which connect them and the two rustic campsites which have been built. All this work happened over the summers of 2004 and 2005, and is much appreciated by BC Parks.

Andy Ackermann stressed that the provincial government is recognizing the importance of the provincial parks and their potential to promote healthy lifestyles. The Cascades project fits in perfectly with this vision and enhances wilderness appreciation.

Rob Bressette then made an unexpected presentation of attractive framed photographs of the trail-building team at Shire Falls to Dan Cassan, Gary Doonan, Murray Smith, Jason Unser, James Whiddon, and Larry White. Similar photos of Monkman Park scenes were presented to Doug and Rosemary Foerster and Earl and Eleanor Wilkerson for their work on the Monkman Lake trail, and to Charles Helm and Kevin Sharman of the Wolverine Nordic and Mountain Society for their planning and route-flagging work.

BC Parks and these volunteers will continue co-operating on the project, and the 2006 summer will be one of the most ambitious yet. The fruits of all this work will also form an integral part of the proposed Monkman Pass Memorial Trail.