BC Ski Coach Helps Tumbler Ridge Skiers

Northern BC Cross Country ski coach Michele Cosman came to Tumbler Ridge from Prince George to spend the weekend of 12-13 February in Tumbler Ridge coaching the kids in the local ski program. The WNMS coaches, Linda Helm, Birgit Sharman and Fred Walkley were also able to benefit from Michele?s expertise. The absence of snow on the golf course trails meant that the alternative summit ski site had to be used.

Some of the more competitive skiers headed off to Mackenzie on the Sunday for the annual freestyle ski race, and were privileged to have Michele take them through the race warm-up and preparation. The young skiers performed wonderfully well (see photo) and the older ones managed to haul their frames over the challenging course: Fred Walkley set a fine time of 48 minutes to win the 10 km event, and Charles and Linda Helm completed the 20 km event in comfortable times.

The previous weekend the Walkley family headed off to Hinton for the Western Canadian Ski Championships. Showing their ability to compete aggressively at this level, Esther and Sheena Walkley delivered quality performances and came away with a lot of new knowledge about cross country skiing.