BC Wildlife Federation Congratulates Yorkton-Melville M.P. Garry Breitkreuz Introducing New Firearms Bill C-301.

The BC Wildlife Federation would like to congratulate Yorkton-Melville M.P. Garry Breitkreuz for the introduction of a new firearms bill, Bill C-301. This proposed legislation will eliminate the wasteful long gun registry and remove many of the onerous regulations associated with the act that have no effect on public safety.

Bill C-301 would introduce a number of changes to the Firearms Act, including: 1) Elimination of the costly, flawed and ineffective long gun registry; 2) Streamlining the licensing system; and 3) calling for a cost/benefit audit of the Firearms Program every five years to ensure that Canadian taxpayers are receiving maximum benefit for money spent.

?We support the legislation introduced earlier today by Garry Breitkreuz. He has worked tirelessly to help create a rational and cost effective firearms program that focuses on the prevention of crime, not the excessive regulation of law abiding firearms owners?, said B.C.W.F. Executive Director Patti MacAhonic. ?The Harper government should be applauded for their ongoing attempts to focus the firearms debate on the real problem, the illegal use of firearms by criminals, not the responsible use of firearms by hunters, farmers and recreational sport shooters. Mr. Breitkreuz?s is following that theme?.

Bill C-68, which created the long gun registry introduced by a former Liberal government, was predicted to cost only $2 million, however it has cost Canadian taxpayers almost $2 billion.

Bill C-68 was supposed to enhance public safety but because it focused on regulating the law abiding citizen rather than controlling criminals, it has not been able to achieve this goal. The Breitkreuz bill is the latest in a number of firearms bills that have been introduced to Parliament whose aim has been to eliminate the long gun registry.

?The Canadian public has become disillusioned with this expensive waste of taxpayer?s funds and it has become increasingly obvious that those who in the early 1990?s predicted long gun registration would become a sink-hole for funds, with no benefit to public safety, were right.? Ms. MacAhonic said, ?No amount of money spent regulating the law abiding public will control criminals, you just can?t legislate against the mindset of criminal gangs.?