B.C. Women?s Institute was created to be both a voice and means for action for rural women, and since 1909 has tirelessly advocated on behalf of women, children and communities. The current focus is on food and water safety, women?s environmental and wellness concerns. The organization is open to women of all ages,both urban and rural. Any group of eight women can form a branch. Networking, enjoying the friendship of other women and working together toward a better community are special perks of membership. For more information contact the B.C.W.I. office at (604) 533-6564 or email to bcwi@direct.ca.

Anyone who has ever worked on a family history will know just what the History Book Committee of B.C. Women?s Institute is experiencing.

Formed two years ago with a mandate to create a commemorative book for the organization?s centennial in 2009, the three women are encouraging active Women?s Institute groups to gather, document and preserve their own histories.

However it falls on the Committee?s shoulders to sleuth out information on the many other groups that formed over the years and are no longer active. In many cases, all former members are now deceased, and no one knows what happened to the records. Fortunately some groups did pass their records on to local museums or the B.C. Provincial Archives, and are accessible for obtaining information.

The Committee is now appealing to the public for assistance in locating any old Women?s Institute records, clippings, pictures of groups or events etc. that many be stored in someones home. Names of contacts who may recall tidbits of information are also welcome, or anything that will help fill in the gaps to make the book complete. No information is too insignificant to pass on.

The Committee at this point just wants to build up a network of contacts and compile a list of what is out there, and caution the public not to pack up and ship any precious pictures or papers just now. Anyone with information is asked to contact Jean Johnson, Box 401, Grand Forks, B.C. V0H 1H0, phone (250) 442-3060, fax (250) 442-3091, email granby@sunshinecable.com