Bear Aware

I?ve been running all week, fellow citizens: 16 bear complaints. My paws are aching!

So I?m heading over to the closed school on Murray for the 7th time last weekend and I?m saying to myself ?what the heck does that bear want????

He was seen several times behind the New Life Assembly church: maybe he?s a Christian bear and looking to join the congregation?

He was hanging out behind that abandoned school: maybe he?s one of them trouble making teenage bears smokin? in their leather jackets?

He was in the green patch by the playground: perhaps waiting for his turn on the swing?

Constable Harvey and I were talking on the scene and after he left, I realized the bear was RIGHT behind us. I figure the little guy was trying to listen to our plan.

I couldn?t figure the little guy out. He did not want to move on even though I asked nicely. My air horn didn?t have much effect either. Finally I shot off a banger and he figured out I meant business. I spent the rest of the weekend chasing him around the upper bench. Turns out he had killed a squirrel in the green patch behind the playground and wanted to finish his dinner but I kept interrupting him.

Guess what else I found when I was investigating the green patch between Mackenzie and Wolverine? The very reason I have a bone to pick. It?s just what you?re seeing in the photo: Moose bones.

Some idiot cleaned out his freezer and tossed the bones in the green patch. Well done. You win the prize: a major violation of the Wildlife Act!!

?Well that?s a bit harsh isn?t it?? one might say.

Ask any of the parents whose kids play in that green belt or the people that walk through that area. Hey, why don?t you ask all the people that have been injured in bear attacks or that have lost children to human food-conditioned aggressive bears?

Get the picture? Leave out an attractant and a bear WILL come your way. You could be responsible for the bear in your area, check your yard!

If you don?t know what the attractants are, call me 242 0004. (I?m out of the district until the 15th but I?ll return your call as soon as I get back).

Feeding dangerous wildlife, whether it be unintentionally or not, is a major offence Ladies and Gents. You also put the lives of your neighbours at risk. If you want to see the gory case reports on what can happen, just give me a call; unfortunately, there have been a lot.

?Till next week, bear with me.