Bear season in Tumbler Ridge

Spring is here at last, and it is bringing our more than early tulips. Bears are once more waking up from that long winter nap and moving into familiar territory. Which as it happens, is also the town.

On the eve of our 25th anniversary as a community we can say that there have been only four incidents between bears and people in the community, and they were relatively minor. Scary, but not life threatening. A local boy had a close encounter last week with a young bear at the golf course. Boy and bear survived the encounter with a good scare, I am sure on both their parts.

Let?s do our part to keep Tumbler Ridge safe by keeping our garbage in bear proof containers and either taking it to the dump or locking it in the garage until garbage pickup. A bear can smell garbage from distances of a mile or two so let?s not bang that dinner gong. Stay with your group when travelling in the wilderness, and don?t wander off by yourself. Look for more information on bears, and the Bear Aware Program in the next few issues.

A word of warning to small pet owners. I have just lost my 12 year old cat right from my deck to a coyote. Please be aware when you let your pets out that the yard may not be as safe as one thinks that it is.