Beaverlodge Seniors Visit Tumbler Ridge

Twenty-one visitors from the Beaverlodge Seniors group were in Tumbler Ridge for an afternoon of touring. They were here on July 27th and had a personal narrated slideshow by Dr. Charles Helm of the Tumbler Ridge Museum Foundation (TRMF), as well as a guided tour of exhibits in the Community Centre, courtesy of Jack McNeill who shows the local history portfolio and Jennifer Becker, guide for the local dinosaur footprint tours.

The slideshow covered several time periods and showed magnificent sights to be seen. Because the majority of the seniors would be unable to walk the challenging trials, Helm was more than happy to share local scenery via photographs and narration. Many seemed familiar with some of the prominent names that helm mentioned in his presentation.

Following the slideshow and a question period, Jack McNeill came forth to ask if any of the seniors would be able to direct him on how to locate either clear photographs of the infamous car left in the Monkman Pass or a recording or lyrics of a song reputably recorded about the Monkman Pass.

Helm then presented a print of the Therapod footprint to the Beaverlodge Seniors group on behalf of TRMF. He then signed some copies of his book and the remainder of the tour commenced, guided by Jack McNeill and Jennifer Becker. The seniors then made their way around the community centre to see the exhibits and some even went to the Library, which was hosting Harry Potter?s Birthday.