Beef Recalls hit close to home

Trent Ernst, Editor
Two retailers in Dawson Creek have acknowledged that some of the meat they were selling was from the XL plant in Brooks Alberta, ground zero for the current E. coli scare. 
Both retailers—Safeway and the Co-op—pulled the potentially tainted meat from their shelves after the recall order. 
According to the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) website, Shop Easy Foods is listed among the supermarkets affected by the recall. 
However, local store manager Darryl Krakowka says the Tumbler Ridge store was unaffected by the recall. “We didn’t have any of those products in our store at that time.”
Krakowka says the Peace region was not affected very much by the recall. “This was one of the luckier areas.”
Krakowka isn’t positive the store was completely unscathed, though, as there might have been products sold before the recall. 
There is a long list of products possibly affected by the recall, available from the CFIA website at . 
To find out if any product you have purchased may be affected by the recall, go to the website and click on the Newsroom link in the left column. This will open up a sub-menu. The bottom option is food recalls and Allergy Alerts. Click on that link. 
At the top of the new page is a box dedicated to the E. coli recall. Click on List of Recalled Products and then scroll down to Shop Easy (or your retailer of choice). There is a list of products affected, the size, and the UPC and code/dates. 
Krakowa says there have been no returns yet, but if anyone is worried about any products, they can bring it in for a refund.
Fifteen people became ill after eating tainted meat. 
The E. coli outbreak story took a bizarre turn last week when XL Foods laid off its entire work force, then hired a third of them back the next day. The plant is slowly ramping up production, under the watchful eyes of CFIA inspectors.