Beetle-bothered in Tumbler Ridge?

Natural Resources Canada is offering free consultations to help people in Tumbler Ridge determine if they are eligible for funding under the federal Mountain Pine Beetle Initiative.

If you own 10 or more hectares of land and suspect beetles may have infested your pine, call 1-888-255-7041 or 1-250-960-5691 and arrange for Canadian Forest Service forestry officer Helena Adamowicz to visit your property and provide some advice.

She’ll explain the Private Forestlands Rehabilitation Program, the sorts of beetle management treatments and activities that are eligible for funding and offer help with the application process.

The Private Forestlands Rehabilitation Program provides up to 80 per cent of eligible costs — to an annual maximum of $25,000 — to help owners of non-industrial forested land manage the mountain pine beetle and rehabilitate their land.

Operational guidelines and a funding application form can be downloaded free from the Canadian Forest Service bookstore at

And there’s more on the mountain pine beetle, the Initiative and funding at