Belly Dancers 2005

A new beginners class under her jingling and jangling belt, instructor Janet Delpierre shows a fun rapport with her students. The class began in September and just completed the first level.

As has been the case in the past, the students had a variety of belly dance clothing, all sparkling and jingling as they moved to the music. Delpierre strives to make the class interesting and very much her own. She gives technical advice, followed by an easier way to remember and perform the moves.

There were some observers there to see the first public performance of this latest class and they were invited up to give it a whirl. Delpierre showed them simple moves, such as ?sharp hips? or ?close the door? as she referred to it -a jutting motion with one hip. Another was ?paint the wall?, part of a third motion called ?snake arms?. Those are derivations of Delpierre?s own liking, as it personifies the moves in layman?s terms.

Most of the young ladies were typically shy, with the exception of Karen Baxter, who took the class last year as well. Baxter showed great enthusiasm, confidence and smooth technique. Also returning was her daughter, Selene, who looked very at ease and confident as well.

Last year the beginners group traveled to Fort St. John during BC Arts and Culture Week to perform with several other belly dance troupes and Delpierre hopes to do the same this year. The next class for belly dance is intermediate (level 2) and will begin January 19th. Anyone interested in beginner level can leave their name and information at the front desk and if there is a good number of students, Delpierre may run a beginners class again in the new year.