Big Turnout for Town Council Open House

Lynsey Kitching

Community members were visiting all of the different booths and learning about the projects going on in and around town at the Town Hall open house.
Around 100 community members came out to the Town Hall open house on Wed. Nov. 21 at the Trend Mountain Conference Centre, mostly at the start of the evening. All of the council members as well as many of the staff were present to chat about their projects and the projects going on in and around Tumbler Ridge as well as their accomplishments this year.

There was plenty of information on hand for citizens to learn more about the community forest, sustainability for Tumbler Ridge, the new children’s play area at the Community Centre, senior’s needs and government services.
Mayor Wren said at the event that the turnout has been wonderful. He said for the last few years turn out has only been around 20 people so to have so many people come out was a good thing.
There were also boards posted where people could put down suggestions or concerns for the community. All the councillors were chatting and discussing with community members, a great thing to see, and don’t forget about the awesome spread of delicious finger foods and veggies, always a bonus.