After finding major label success and touring the country with some of the edgiest rock bands on the planet, a more mature, battle tested Bleeker Ridge returns with their latest album, the hard-hitting, intense and gritty Four.

The Orillia, Ontario quartet has returned not only to its indie roots after parting ways with their label, but has firmly grasped the rudder of their careers to present a no-holds-barred rock and roll assault that sees the band turning inwards like a band of brothers to create an album that truly represents their artistic vision.

“The last record, Small Town Dead wasn’t really in our hands.  This time around, there was so much less stress and so much more freedom.  We could do what we wanted and take risks with some of the songs.  We had input into everything.  We’re not answering to anyone but ourselves and that’s been the best,” said singer, Taylor Perkins.

“Albums need to have a flow, and you need to be able to get lost in them, and we think this is one of those albums.”

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