Blizzard Bike Club

Robin Baillie won both races of the Dawson Creek Double header, Sunday. He won the 40 km road race as well as the afternoon cyclo cross race.

Robin Baillie started the morning Lakota Road Race, Challenge Cup #24 in front of a field of 25 riders. He pulled away early for the win on the hilly and tough 40 km circuit with a time of 1:14:43 minutes. Trevor Kolkea of Dawson Creek was not far behind at 1:15:39. Colter Young was third at 1:17:29 and Gil Neufield (DC) 4th at 1:21:44. Pat Ferris was 5th at 1:23:24.

The Blizzards won the day with 69 points to Dawson Creek?s 33 and Grande Prairie?s 15. The Blizzards retain their series lead with 707 points to GP?s 399 and DC?s 188, with one race to go, September 23.

Other 40 k finishers were Bob Andrews 1:23:30, Roger St. jean 1:24:07, Ken Perry 1:25:11, Dan Dagasso 1:25:40, Kent Pedersen 1:25:42, Jolea Bilodeau 1:26:00, Richard Wood 1:27:00, Dave Jaeger 1:27:01, Dave Kay 1:28:05, Barb Polehoykie 1:30:38, Pieter Mey 1:31:38, Kathryn Fairweather 1:39:37, Sandra MacDonald 1:40:33.

Ken Nix won the 20 km event at 45:20 minutes. Duane Oltmanns second at 45:31, Francis Plum 3rd at 47:41. Marie Young had 47:54 for 4th and Sara Kolkea 5th at 48:50. Floyd Polehoykie had 51:49 and Jan Schmidt 57:54. Robin Baillie was the repeat winner in the afternoon Ferris Fast Cyclo-Cross race in Kin Park. There were 21 riders. Baillie covered 9 laps in the regulation time of 32:48 minutes. Colter Young was in second, also with 9 laps. Pat Ferris was 3rd, Kendra Young 4th, Sam Keats 5th and Barb Polehoykie 6th, all at 8 laps. Jolea Bilodeau, Duane Oltmanns, Michael Delesky, Trevor Kolkea, Richard Wood and Kent Pedersen did 7 laps. Kathryn Fairweather, Marie Young, Elizabeth Squires, Brent Delesky, Sara Kolkea and Ken Nix had 6 laps. Jan Schmidt did 5 laps and two did not finish.

This cyclo cross race was a tune-up for the up coming Northern BC Games Cyclo cross coming up in 2008.