Robin Baillie held off the Ferris Boys, Stephen and Pat, to win Thursday night Cyclo cross on the North Peace circuit. Robin did 7 laps in the 35 minute deadline, including a cracking first lap of 5:35 minutes.

A big crowd of fifteen riders were on the start line. Robin Baillie and Stephen Ferris pulled away early and kept going. Robin dropped Stephen on lap 3 to continue on his own to make it 7 laps. Stephen also did 7 laps, 1:55 minutes back.

Pat Ferris held off Bob ?The Animal? Andrews for 3rd spot. Roger St. Jean was 5th, Gord Harris 6th, Gary Hilderman 7th, Barb Polehoykie 8th, Darren Guliov 9th and Sam Keats 10th. All had done 6 laps.

Sandy MacDonald, Dean Lowry, Kathryn Fairweather and Link Snider all did 5 laps. Colter Young did 1 lap.

Coming up: -Cyclo Cross Sunday on the North Peace Circuit at 2 pm. This race will be for the FSJ and Area Northern BC Games Cyclo Cross selections.