Board Meeting Highlights for November 16, 2005 Presentations

? Moberly Lake Elementary School –

prior to the start of the Board meeting, the Board of Trustees enjoyed a breakfast prepared and hosted by the students and staff of Moberly Lake Elementary School.

Reports from the Superintendent

Social Responsibility – The Dare-to-Care anti-bullying/anti-drug program will begin running in-services for students and staff from November 13-18. Most of the District?s students will be exposed to this message, and learn strategies to deal with the issues.

? Staffing Ratios – Information was presented on staff ratios in special programs (Special Education, Aboriginal Programs, Library, etc.) from Sept. 2000 to the present. These included: Student to Teacher Ratios; Student to Teacher Assistant Rations; Student to Staff Ratios

? Local Calendar – The District has begun asking for input on the Local Calendar for the 2006/07 school year. We are hoping to have a new calendar adopted by March 8, 2006.

? Report Cards – The district is implementing a new report card for elementary schools. ? Special Education District Profile – Information on numbers of students in Special Education categories was presented for the years 2000 to 2005.

? Reading Performance Information – Data was presented showing that the number of students meeting reading expectations at grade level. Although 22% of students are not meeting expectations by the end of grade 1, by grade 5, only 7% of the students are assessed as reading below grade level. This is a great trend!

? Transportation – The Board is studying the issues involved with transporting students on extracurricular trips (teams, club, field trips, etc.) The main issues are the high cost of using buses and the liabilities of using privately owned vehicles.

Reports From the Secretary-Treasurer

? Library Budgets – A report comparing changes in spending on school Library programs was presented. Overall the District has increased spending on Library programs by $38 per student.

? Strike Savings – a report provided to the Ministry of Education showed that the District saved $1.066 million during the teachers? strike. This money is not staying with the district but is being clawed back by the Ministry of Education.