Board Bits

Our regular monthly board meeting for January was held on Wednesday, January 18, but it was anything but regular.

We met at 8:15 at the BCIT building behind South Peace school and were given a tour and an explanation of the dual credit program. This program is a joint initiative of BCIT and the Peace River South School Board of District #59. At the completion of grade 10, a student may choose one of a number of different trade options, and continue on with their academic subjects for grade 11. In their second year of the program, they complete their grade 12 requirements while continuing in the trade of their choice.

The Heavy Duty Mechanic ELTT program was the example given to us in the presentation. This provides a unique opportunity for secondary school students to complete grade 12 graduation requirements while earning post-secondary credits and certification in BCIT?s Heavy Duty Mechanic ELTT program. Additionally, students acquire job-ready skills to enter the job market or pursue other post-secondary education.

Heavy-duty mechanics repair and test heavy-duty machines such as tractors, crawlers, loaders, graders, cranes, shovels and trucks. The work ranges from simple daily maintenance checks to servicing hydraulic systems, air brakes and winches, blades and accessories. Today?s heavy-duty mechanic not only knows how to use service manuals, tools and equipment to the best advantage, but also employs logic and deductive reasoning in diagnosing and troubleshooting. Basic theory and related information, along with hands-on shop practice enables students to become competent in basic heavy-duty mechanical maintenance and repair.

The minimum grade required to pass a course is 70 percent and all courses must be passed in order to successfully complete the program. Students who successfully complete Heavy-Duty will have completed 6 courses for 24 credits on the secondary school graduation transcript. They will also receive the BCIT Certificate of Trades Training.

The program can lead to several options. It can be applied to ITA for credit towards an apprenticeship, direct entry to work and to a career as a Heavy Duty Mechanic or employment in Commercial transport or Deisel Engine trades.

The students must have successfully completed grade 10, be in good physical condition, have a high degree of commitment and maturation. A valid driver?s license is preferred.

As well as a BC graduation certificate, the successful students complete a certificate of trades program with no cost, a saving of $3,345.60.

Joe, one of the students taking the Heavy-Duty Mechanics, spoke to us about his experience. He assured us that if he hadn?t started this program, he would have quit school after grade 10. His instructor indicated how mature, responsible and hard working Joe has been in the program.

If you are interested in this program, the deadline for submissions is June 30 of your grade ten year. The contact person is Gary Remenyk, Coordinator, BCIT Training Centre, c/o South Peace Secondary School, 10808 15th Street, Dawson Creek, BC, V1G 3Z3, Telephone: (250) 782-6239.specific capital investments/improvements directed at reducing barriers to participation in hockey and soccer in the community.