Board Bits


Board Meeting Highlights for January 18, 2006

Policy Committee

Policy #5209 – Students Dress Code was passed by the District. The policy requires each school to develop an individual dress code policy, within the guidelines of the District policy.

Reports from the Superintendent

Social Responsibility ? The District Leadership team is active with numerous initiatives to reduce bullying and drugs in our schools. The main focus will be in reaching middle and secondary schools, however long and short term initiatives have been identified for all schools.

Class Size & Composition and $50/FTE Grants

? The Board approved a spending plan for new grant funding recently announced by the government. These one-time grants are from savings from the teachers? dispute. The District share totals $605,430.

2006/07 Local Calendar ? The District has proposed a local calendar for the 2006/07 school year. It would have school start on September 5, 2006, and includes a two-week spring break. The Board is seeking input on this proposed calendar, and will make a final decision in two months.


Opportunities – Five students from SD#59 will receive scholarships from Northern Opportunities. Each student will receive $2,000 to apply toward continuation in a dual credit programs.

Reports From the Secretary-Treasurer

Mileage Rate ? The Board reviewed the mileage rate paid to district staff and approved tieing the rate to the BC School Trustees? Association rate which is currently $0.45.

Trustee Stipend ? The Board approved increases to the annual trustee stipends on July 1st of each year based on the Consumer Price Index. This is the first overall increase in the rates since 2001.

2005/06 Amended Budget ? the Board approved an Amended Operating Budget of $43,784,643 for the 2004/05 fiscal year. The chart shows the breakdown of this budget.

Reports From the Operations Manager

Tate Creek Update ? Construction of the community hall/gymnasium expansion at the Tate Creek School is going well. The good weather has been helpful.

Pouce Coupe School ? The Board has been in discussions with the Village of Pouce Coupe and the Peace River Regional District to replace the existing school with a new school/community centre combination. It would be a modular design similar to the Central Middle School addition. Discussions are still at the preliminary phase, and are dependent on obtaining funding approvals. The Board made a motion to explore funding options for this project.

Trustee Items

?The Board has written to our Member of Parliament, urging him to propose and support a review of changes to our justice system ? a system that currently allows known drug dealers to continue to operate in our community. In particular, we would like to see stiffer penalties for those who would sell drugs to children, or sell drugs near facilities which children frequent.