Board Bits

I was sworn in as School Trustee for Tumbler Ridge in December 2005. I have attended one regular school board meeting and one special board meeting. I have also attended staff meetings at TRSS, TRES and a PAC meeting.

I attended a Leadership Academy in Vancouver December 8 ? 11, 2005 where I learned what my role is in being trustee. I would like to summarize this information so the community is aware of exactly what it is I do


My role is to improve student achievement through community engagement.

Under this broad umbrella are three key elements:




Leadership involves planning, policy and finance.

Boards develop strategic plans to set long term directions for the district as well as set operational plans, such as the School District Accountability Contract, organized around specific goals with action plans and evaluation processes.

The school board regularly reviews existing policy and develops new policy to guide the work of the district.

Boards set the annual school board budget, which includes opportunities for public input.

Stewardship is the board?s most important responsibility, which is keeping the focus of all school district decisions on the best educational interests of students. To do this, it is essential school trustees understand student achievement. This is critical because it is the focus around which school growth plans and school district plans–as described in accountability contracts–are developed.

Boards make finance and budget decisions that align the school district resources with its plans for student achievement. As stewards, they are able to explain the connections between their vision, goals, plans, policies and budget.

Educators, parents, the media, organizations that serve children and youth, and other levels of government have an interest in public education. Keeping these relationships strong is an important part of the school board?s work.

If there are any questions about this article or about the education system in general or about the schools in Tumbler Ridge, I would be happy to discuss any issues that are of concern to the community. My number is 242-3369.