Board Meeting Highlights for April 12, 2006

Stephano DeRos and a number of students from South Peace Secondary School, presented student concerns with the New Graduation Portfolio. This is a new provincial graduation requirement, and the students? concerns were with the lack of clear and timely guidelines on how it was to be completed. They also feel that there are flaws in how this has been developed, and do not feel it will achieve its anticipated goals. They are also concerned that for some, it may hurt their chances of graduation and being accepted to post secondary institutions. Our MLA, Blair Lekstrom, was also present and agreed to take their concerns to the Minister of Education.

Reports from the Superintendent

? Social Responsibility – A delegation from the Yukon Department of Education was in the district earlier this month to look at how we deliver our dual credit programs.

?Challenge Days ? Central Middle School has been going through the Challenge Day. Many of the Trustees and District staff participated and found it to be an amazing process. The District is looking at ways of continuing this throughout the region for next year.

Reports From the Secretary-Treasurer

?2006/07 Budget Timelines ? The District has begun work on developing the 2006/07 Operating Budget. This will be presented to the Board at the June meeting.

?2006/07 Significant Funding Changes – The Ministry has provided school districts with funding estimates for 2006/07. These are based on estimated student enrolments, and therefore are subject to revision. Following are some of the significant changes:

?The per student base amount has increased from $5,753 to $5,830 ? an increase of $77 per student.

?The funding for Enrolment Decline has dropped by $135,317 due to our enrolment not dropping as much as last year.

?The funding for Unique Geographic Factors has dropped by $47,272. This is due mainly to losing the Small Community Supplement for Dokie School.

?The Allocation of Holdback funding is estimated to increase by $120,993 although this depends on the final provincial enrolment numbers.

?The funding allocation for Transportation is frozen for the fifth straight year.

?Overall we are estimating a reduction in funding of $158,581 but an increase of $113 per student.

?2005/06 Budget Recommendations ? The Board agreed to the following funding actions for the 2005/06 budget:

1. That the School-based per pupil base funding would continue to be set at 81% of the Ministry?s base amount. This would be an increase of $62 from last year. This amount has increased by $422 or 9.8% in the past 4 years as follows: 2006/07 – $4,722; 2005/06 – $4,660; 2004/05 – $4,471; 2003/04 – $4,300

2. That the following budget areas be maintained: a.Reading Recovery Support (approximately $320,000 annually) 0.2 to 0.4 FTE per elementary school 0.5 FTE for lead teacher training

b. Action Initiative (approximately $450,000 annually) ? A targeted grant will be allocated to each school. The initiative must address both district and school goals, be approved by the SPC, and cover a specific need within the school. ? The grant will be allocated in two equal parts. The first half will be allocated upon approval of the program (usually September or October) and the second half upon submission of the mid-year report. ? The maximum grant will be $100 times the number of student FTEs, with a minimum grant of $5,000 per school.

c. Greater Needs Funding (approximately $300,000 annually) This funding is allocated based on the results of the Hertzman survey. Three school populations (Moberly, Parkhill & Windrem) were identified as socio-economically at risk, and this funding would target strategies to compensate or overcome these issues. The grant would be allocated as follows: student FTE x $2,000 x risk percent

This area of need is also addressed using Ministry Community Links funding.

d. Small Secondary School Grant $300,000 annually) This is allocated as follows: Tumbler Ridge SS $200,000; Chetwynd SS $100,000

e. Rural Grant (approximately (approximately $186,000 annually) This is allocated to small rural schools to balance the actual funding to the base costs required to operate the school. Incorporated in this base cost is support for a minimum of three classrooms in rural schools with enrolments of 45 or more.

h. Maintain increased funding to KPAC ($15,000 annually) In 2005/06 the annual funding to KPAC was increased from $11,000 to $26,000.

i. Rural Fine Arts Busing ($10,000 annually)

To assist rural schools with the cost of transporting students to fine arts opportunities.

? Property Sales ? as part of its consolidation of operations in the new Board operations office, the District has decided to sell its maintenance shop and John Kendrew Centre buildings. Next Regular Meeting ?May 17, 2006 at 1:00pm in Tumbler Ridge.