Board Meeting Highlights for May 17, 2006

Reports from the Superintendent

Social Responsibility Report ?

School District 59, in conjunction with Northern Health, and Catholic Social Services, invited renowned psychiatrist Dr. Benoit to Dawson Creek, to teach caregivers throughout the region how to identify and work with children who suffer from Attachment Disorder. This project required significant coordination and planning between agencies.

Bill 33 ? Bill 33 amends regulations around class sizes and class composition. Along with these amended regulations, there are many new reporting requirements for classes with more than 30 students or classes with more than 3 students with special needs.

District Review ? The District received a good review from the external review team. Since the last review, we have clearly made progress toward designing innovative educational practices and structures that serve student achievement. The full review is now posted on the Ministry of Education.

Admin Announcements ? the following new Administrative positions were announced:

Brian Shaw ? Vice Pralta Elementary

Caron Jones ? Vice Principal ? Central Middle School

Christine Aylward ? Vice Principal ? Tremblay Elementary

Danyell Dutka ? Principal ? McLeod Elementary

Diana Lindstrom ? Vice Principal ? Crescent Park Elementary

Madeline Coudert – Vice Principal ? Ecole Frank Ross

Margot McKinley – Vice Principal ? Windrem Elementary

Mike Readman – Vice Principal ? Ecole Frank Ross

Sean Cameron – Vice Principal ? Little Prairie Elementary

Six new Teaching/Vice Principal positions have been created in order to train new administrators and ensure succession planning. Reports From the Operations Manager Tate Creek Community Hall ? The Community Hall/Gym Expansion on the Tate Creek School was completed 6 months ahead of schedule. There is just some landscaping work left to be done.

Next Regular Meeting ?June 14, 2006 at 1:00pm in Dawson Creek