Boats Away! – The launch has been repaired

Lynsey Kitching

After a tedious process of acquiring permits and completing applications, through different ministries, the boat launch has finally been repaired just in time for this wonderful weather.

Doug Beale, Public Works Operating Manager says, “It took quite a bit of work to get those concrete pads out. We think we got most of them out, but there may be out a far edge a few that were missed. Moving forward, it will have to be used as-is, with the gravel bed. Hopefully there will be no more damage to trailers.”

The reason some blocks may still be out in the deeper water is because the water levels have risen so fast because of the warm weather.

Beale says, “With the hot weather, the river has been rising rapidly, when we finally got it geared up to do. Within a small timeframe, about a week, and within that week, the water levels rose quite substantially.”

During the process a silk screen was put around the work area to block it off and catch rubble so it didn’t float into the river. Also in that perimeter workers needed to make sure, there were no fish.

Beale says, “It was a long approval process just to get down there so we could haul out the chunks of concrete.”

The boat launch being repaired is the first step towards the potential upgrades to the area, however, even just these repairs will help the summer economy of Tumbler.

Beale says, “It’s huge, it’s part of our summer economy, there were already boats out there last Saturday, probably about a dozen, it’s amazing what the sun does.”

The recently approved budget has $49,000 included for the boat launch removal and expansion.

The monies that remain after the concrete block removal will be for a design plan for the rest of the area.

Beale says, “There still needs some work done as far a design, what we want in there and how we want the campgrounds to be.”