Book Release Draws Crowd

What started out to be a book signing and presentation Monday night at the Library, turned into a two-night event. Charles Helm opened Monday night?s book signing and Dinosaur presentation by saying that he was amazed at the support from the community. There are funds still needed for the museum board (operational funds). Charles is working hard to get the Museum up and running. This is a ten to twenty year project that will change Tumbler Ridge forever.

Charles and Daniel Helm, Joan Zimmer and Rich McCrea were on hand for the release of the book entitled ?Daniel?s Dinosaurs? written by Charles and Daniel Helm and illustrated by Joan Zimmer. Many people came, to celebrate the release of Helm?s new book and hear the presentation, but due to technical difficulties, the presentation portion of the evening was put on hold until Thursday night.

?I know this is supposed to be a children?s book, but it?s a really good place for adults to start also,? said Donna Legault, who was present for the book-signing event.

There were many familiar faces from Monday night at Thursday night?s event. The evening began with a welcome by Charles Helm in which Helm encouraged people to help with security at the excavation site. This was followed by a slide presentation by

Rich McCrea and Lisa Buckley in which they presented an overview of events and the subsequent discoveries that have led up to this year?s excavations and the establishment of the Peace Region Palaeontology Research Centre. The presentation was fascinating and was followed by a question and answer time.

?We have new skeletal sites,? said McCrea. ?In British Columbia, prior to these finds, there was only one dinosaur bone known in this province. With the Tumbler Ridge finds, we are over 100, and these bones come from different sites in the area and are from different ages.?

?This is really exciting,? said Buckley. ? We have had visitors from all over North America and Europe coming to see what is happening here. Another exciting thing is that we now have materials from Dinosaurs previously not known in British Columbia.?

Charles Helm closed the evening by mentioning that the Museum Foundation has created two job opportunities. Helm thanked McCrea and Buckley for their presentation, ?there is so much information it is mind boggling. We are very fortunate to have Rich and Lisa in Tumbler Ridge.?