Former Tumbler Ridge resident, Cathy Aniceto (nee Powell) is one of the giving minds behind the Bottles For Wells Project!

Cathy Aniceto and Michelle Bigg from Nanaimo, B.C. formed Aniceto & Bigg Co. less than a year ago but felt so passionately about helping families in developing countries, that they approached the Ryan?s Well Foundation with an idea. Together they launched the Bottles for Wells Project and are marketing, a re-usable, environmentally-friendly, stainless steel water bottle for use at school, work, play or on the road.

Buying a Bottles for Wells stainless steel bottle also keeps plastic out of our landfills (North Americans spend over $7 billion on bottled water a year!), conserves resources and energy. This is the ultimate win/win! Great for us locally and it is great for the developing countries.

For every bottle sold, one more child will have access to clean water!

40% of your purchase goes directly back to the Ryan?s Well Foundation!

Eco-Friendly! Be part of the H2O Revolution and keep 90% of plastic water bottles out of our landfills!

Save money. Plastic bottled water is expensive. North Americans spend over $7 billion on bottled water each year.

Your Bottle is made from the highest grade of Stainless Steel available called grade 304 or 18/8. It is the same sanitary grade used throughout the commercial food industry!

Ryan?s Well Foundation Stainless Steel bottles do not have an inner coating like aluminum bottles that you find on the market

Ryan?s Well Foundation bottles are manufactured in a socially responsible facility that is ISO 9001 Certified for quality. For more information about the Bottles for Wells Project, check out and