Fourteen Wolverine Nordic and Mountain Society (WNMS) volunteers gathered for an intensive work bee at the Boulder Gardens on May 19, with a smaller party extending the work two days later. The result: a circular route of just over three kilometers has been flagged and cleared. This sensational hiking route is unlike any other, and does justice to this unique destination.

Offshoots lead to such exotic sites as Lichen Towers, Chaos Valley, the Grassi Grind, the Valley of Death and Tumbler Rocks. Rock chimneys lead the adventurous to view sites, and caves and tunnels beckon the thin, small and curious, while a mountain tarn offers a cold swim to those so inclined. Some of the route involves scrambling over rocky sections and negotiating cracks between enormous boulders.

This route is being developed as one of the WNMS contributions to the Tumbler Ridge 25th anniversary celebrations. The next few weeks will see the development of signage, grubbing the route, and refining the scree sections.

This route and destination, if well marketed, will add another ?must-see? item for visitors to the Peace Region and Tumbler Ridge. The site is close to the NEMI mine and to oil and gas installations, and is testimony to how industry and recreation can mutually co-exist to everyone?s benefit.