Branding the Peace

As previously reported in the Tumbler Ridge News, Branding the Peace did indeed have a presentation recently. Rather than the expected date of November 23rd, the presentation was instead offered on December 1st in room 5 of the Community Centre.

Initiated by the Tumbler Ridge Museum Foundation, the attendance for this event was approximately 20 people. A slideshow and DVD were shown, all new aspects for the Branding the Peace Country Association, President Fred Jarvis from the District of Taylor was on hand to do the presentation. Jarvis has also been the Mayor of the District of Taylor for the past 19 years and on that same council for 28 years.

Jarvis assured the crowd that he is not necessarily the man of choice for these presentations and hopes to announce a Brand Manager in the near future, who will take over such events and handle them in a manner for which he or she would be specifically trained.

Questions from the crowd drew some criticism in regards to the main focus of the presentation being on agricultural product, which is not a strong suit in Tumbler Ridge, as well as the potential of sending our Peace region products out internationally and not within our own local areas.

Jarvis responded that the presentation was more or less all they had to work with at the time and that he encouraged feedback and ideas from both sides of the border, to bring new light to possibilities for this endeavor. As a reminder, this venture is to bring the Peace region areas of both BC and Alberta to the same table to market Peace Country products.

Feedback is strongly encouraged by contacting the organization and helping to coax this project along in ways that are conducive to our local communities.

Branding the Peace Country Association can be contacted by visiting them online at or toll-free at 1-877-296-5888. This organization is located at 904- 102nd Avenue, Dawson Creek. Future presentations will be held as the project progresses.