Bras Away

Trent Ernst, Editor

There’s a dream that lurks in the back of the mind of many (mostly male) rock musicians, and the dream is this: to play so well that the female members of the audience begin throwing their frilly unmentionables on-stage.

It was this dream, no doubt, that inspired a couple high school kids to come up with the idea for Bras Away, a concert held on April 27 at the Community Centre.

At the show, a number of local youth bands performed while the appreciative audience threw bras onstage.

Any bras and cash collected were donated to the Bras for Cancer fundraiser.

Starting the evening was local crooner Tallas Munroe, with a solo set, followed by Karien Scheepers, Lesa Madsen and Myles Wagner playing an acoustic set. The first big act of the night was Ashes of Integrity, a band made up of Myles Wagner on the guitar and lead vocals, A.J. Cooper rocking the bass, Duncan Render on the drum set and Jared Wylie on guitar.

After Ashes, Walking Shadows, sans drummer, played a laid back, sit down set of classic covers. Then Downwater Union got on stage for a set of all-original songs. The evening closed with the final teen band of the night, Lifeshock, featuring Keenan Render (guitar), Graham Meszaros (drums) and Aaron Wylie (bass and vocals).

The event raised close to $300, and about 20 bras were thrown onstage.