Bullmoose receives reclamation award

Bullmoose Operating Corporation was awarded the Jake McDonald Mine Reclamation Award recognizing their outstanding achievement in mine reclamation. Present to accept the award was Kevin Sharman. Fred Hermann, Chief Inspector of Mines for British Columbia made the presentation.

Hermann spoke about the 20 year history of Bullmoose, resulting in the disturbance of 788 hectares of land which has progressively been reclaimed. 82% of the land has been re-vegetated. Some of this work occurred in 2002 and previous years although the efforts continued on a larger scale in 2003. A total of 8,654 equipment hours were devoted to reclamation in 2003, resulting in the re-contouring of 207 hectares of disturbed area, and an additional eight hectares of exploration roads. The 2003 reclamation included the seeding and fertilizing of 184 hectares, and the planting of almost 90,000 tree and shrub seedlings.

In his speech Hermann said, ?Bullmoose has also been active and invested significant effort in undertaking and supporting reclamation research and monitoring programs, designed to evaluate and optimize reclamation success on the mine site. Environmental personnel at the mine have utilized their long history of site-specific research and assessment work to continually improve operational reclamation, and to identify areas where remedial reclamation is required. These activities demonstrate Bullmoose?s commitment to ensuring successful reclamation on their property. In the preparation-for-closure and post-closure period, Bullmoose has devoted all possible resources to timely reclamation of remaining disturbances, to ensure that this land is returned to a productive state as soon as possible.?

Al Kangas, Project Superintendent for Bullmoose said that ?this trophy is a tribute to all the Bullmoose employees that worked on reclamation over the past year. It is through their hard work that we have been recognized by the TRCR.?