BC Crime Prevention Association warns businesses of counterfeit cheque scam

Burnaby, British Columbia: The BC Crime Prevention Association (BCCPA) is warning businesses about the continuing dangers of accepting large cheques drawn on overseas financial institutions, especially from first-time customers who have no established payment history with that business.

In a recent incident, the owner of Nicki Harris Productions, in Surrey, was defrauded of $6,000 as part of a fabricated large-scale Vancouver wedding in which a United Arab Emirates customer spoke of spending up to $135,000. The customer provided this business with an $85,000 cashier?s cheque as a down payment for the event, which subsequently was deposited by the business. The customer then claimed a preferred Dubai photographer they were using required an advance payment from the business of $6,000 as a condition of his contract. Nicki Harris Productions complied with this advance payment request, before the cashier?s cheque down payment provided by the customer was returned from the bank as a counterfeit item.

A BCCPA Fraud Alert on this incident can be found at

Executive Director, Valerie MacLean comments, ?This is a perfect example of where the phrase: If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is applies! Businesses must be on their guard and proceed cautiously checking every step throughout their transactions with a first-time customer.?

Jeff Burton, BCCPA?s Fraud Prevention Liaison, explains, ?This is a classic scam. The huge sum of money the fraudster planned to invest in the wedding caused any suspicion to be wiped off the radar screen of the victim business.?

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