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Fine Art Portraits by Darcy Jackson

Darcy Jackson has lived in Tumbler Ridge for nine years. She works at the swimming pool as a lifeguard/swim instructor. Although she loves her job in aquatics, her first passion is painting portraits.

The portrait of Janet Hartford (shown here) is one of Darcy?s latest works. Other portraits commissioned locally include John Terry and Clay Iles. Jackson also paints pet portraits. Her detail and appreciation of personal qualities and striking likeness is evident in each portrait.

Portraits can be painted from photographs, eliminating the problem of sitting for a portrait study.

Recently Jackson has made a transition to painting on canvas; this provides her a finished presentation without the need for framing.

Darcy has won art awards and recognitions, including a People?s Choice Award, from District 69 Community Arts Council, Parksville & Qualicum Beach in 1993.

You can view some of her work at Cup-A-Saurus, across from Shop Easy; or phone the home gallery at 242-5200 to make an appointment to see what she has for sale or to book a portrait for you or your loved ones. If you are lucky she may even share with you her latest work in progress.

Darcy claims ?there is nothing I?d like better than to paint the portraits of everyone in Tumbler Ridge.?

Jackson?s goals include overseas travel to expand her knowledge in Art History and to gain an international reputation.

Darcy we are very pleased you chose to join the Chamber of Commerce this year; we hope that your business grows, and starts you on your goal of traveling overseas.

Tumbler Ridge Chamber of Commerce

Marie Therriault, Chamber Manager

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