Business partnering with business

Tumbler Ridge News has entered into an agreement with Brenda Banham and Claudette Huber, Remax Realtors for the use of the unused office in the newspaper offices at Tumbler Ridge Place. The newspaper took over the space formerly used by Tercon, and LaPrairie Crane has made the former newspaper office part of their space on the second floor. These changes are a win-win solution for all three businesses involved, giving LaPrairie some much needed space, allowing the newspaper to expand, and giving our Remax realtors a downtown space.

Loraine Funk, Publisher of the newspaper says, ?I knew that the Tercon space was too large, but given the shortage of downtown office space, it was not a viable solution to pass it up. As it turns out, this has worked out very well, thanks to the spirit of cooperation from the building owners and Tracy Landa, our building manager.?

A small area in the reception area of the newspaper offices, 18? x 36?, has been set aside for local business advertising, and local businesses are welcome to drop off their business cards or brochures to add to our small display area. The newspaper walls also have colour photos of local people and events on display. Plans are in place to add to the collection. On display are the RCMP Musical Ride, the Tumbler Ridge Fire, local musicians, the first cement pouring for the skate park, to name a few. If you have a photo of a local event that you would like to see on display, please bring it to the office.

We have an ?open door? policy at the newspaper offices, so please drop by with your classifieds, to pick up a paper, or just to chat.