Busy Season for the Community Centre

Trent Ernst, Editor


Last week was a busy week at the Community Centre. Not only with all the events held there (hockey tournament, disco skate, craft fair, Ten Thousand Villages), but with additions and infrastructure improvements. 
 Inside, the playground equipment, much of which has been there since the centre was built, has been removed and replaced with a new play area akin to what you might see at a place like Crash Crawleys. 
The old playground equipment is being stored, and, come spring, will be reinstalled around the Community Centre. 
Finally, downstairs, the kiddie pool is sporting a new pair of sprayers to replace the old clown’s head sprayers that were slowly rusting away. The new sprayers feature swivel heads, so kids can shoot water at various targets (typically other kids), elsewhere in the pool, though limiters mean that the water stops flowing if they try and spray outside the pool area.