Buy George?

Long before you were born (probably) a comedian made his living with his expression, (Wanna Buy a Duck?). To the best of my knowledge nobody ever offered to buy one, however, here is an offer you might want to consider!

The price is right! Just buy his bankrupt country (at last count the price was somewhere in the neighbourhood of a few trillion dollars and as my dictionary is so old it does not understand anything more than a few billion, you just might want this lame duck!). Talk about your pandemic!

One of his predecessors, one Franklin Delanore Roosevelt, suggested that, as his country was in the midst of a depression, his nation should remember his oft quoted statement: ?The only thing to fear is fear itself?. At the same time Canada?s leader had a car named after him. It was called the Bennett Buggy. For those fortunate to have a horse, and a decrepit and otherwise useless car, the horse could be hitched to the car, and it could pull it quite successfully. Perhaps this one horsepower machine was the forerunner of the term ?How many horses do you have under your hood??.

But, I digress. Back to your lame duck president. The latest speech he made is as consistent as his first notable speech, which exhorts all his countrymen to use the word terror, instead of fear as the legacy to be left on his tombstone! To be fair, he was never considered to be anything of a scholar, so perhaps he never heard of FDR and can only go back as far as Tricky Dicky, one of his heroes! For whatever reason, we are stuck with him for another couple of years as he continually bleats the terrorism message! Wanna buy a duck?

Some of my friends (assuming there are still a few left) are students of the bible. They use the expression ?Armageddon? with a sense of finality as they study the approaching end of life as we know it on earth. Some feel all will be peaceful and the lions will lie down with the lambs and we will return to Eden (sans serpents). I admire their resolve and wish them well as doomsday arrives.

Unfortunately for me I guess I have let my recent trip to Victoria as s symbol of serenity go to my head. While Beacon Hill Park was alive with flowers, and kids were playing on the grass with obvious enjoyment, and almost all the people we met were gracious and friendly, i thought this planet deserves a better fate!

At the risk of offending others, I have taken the liberty of changing their interpretation of ?Armageddon? to ?Arm a Geddon?. Now if someone can tell me what a Geddon is I would be in heaven in a moment!