By George

There is no end to it—-or is there? Canada came so close to winning Lord Stanley?s Cup. The premier contest in OUR SPORT! Remember when Edmonton had Gretzky? When the Stanley Cup just naturally came to Canada? And then, remember when becoming a millionaire was more important and he went to California? And that when Winnipeg could no longer compete, and their team was bundled off to the States? And finally ended up as the team which did win the Stanley Cup? And that the premier players were also Canadians, making more bucks as the Carolina Hurricanes?

Just wondered? And now more Canadians voted Mr. Harper to be our Prime Minister, and he is now making us a more formidable combatant by allocating more of our tax money to fighting the ENEMY? Is that the real reason you voted his party in to look after us? It is a sorry state of affairs that we have chosen to let BIG BUCKS rule this society of ours. What ever happened to who we were, and what most of us really wanted out of life?

Just asking!

At least the best goalie for the Hurricanes and who won the most prestigious award for the playoffs was also a Canadian from Alberta, no less.

Want a bit more obtuse thinking? Why is it not fair to let the WMD (weapons of mass destruction) experts have a look at the storerooms Americans have been keeping safe for their exclusive use so we can take an accurate understanding of their capabilities to obliterate us all?

Surely those few North Koreans should have the same rights (and responsibilities) as they have. Perhaps the United Nations should place an embargo on all things made in the United States? Just to level the playing field a bit?

Or should I do what Janet has been advocating for so long? Give it a rest? Enjoy the coming festivities at home. Looks pretty good with all the activities coming up. Especially the Musical Ride. We should all enjoy that.