By George

Hold the press! Or whatever it takes to get your attention!

I did have an article which might have saved millions of lives but nobody paid it any heed, so all you smokers never had to stop smoking, and although a small number do butt out when they see me, they cannot wait to light up as soon as I leave.

So much for my ability to change the course of the universe! Puff on regardless.

That should let me get out of the box! You should all be aware that the great minds of our time do all their best thinking outside of the box, and, believe me this is about as far outside as I can get!!!

States wants the whole world to know he just loves Peace, and he will kill anyone who thinks otherwise! Such love should be rewarded and I have the solution. For those who play chess you know you should first learn the art of sacrifice in order to win the match. I do not know if George has ever played chess, and I know not whether he has ever sacrificed anything of value to him in order to win the main game. If he does not play the game I can refer him to a few friends who enjoy the sport.

Since it is so expensive to send huge amounts of killing material across the ocean just so a bunch of infidels can be brought in line with his thinking, why does he not sacrifice Texas, and give it to the brand new Jerusalem?

Think about it for a moment. If Texas were to be deeded to the Jewish folk, they could easily get to New York and discuss plans to keep Mexicans away with their superior air force, tanks, and army. Much easier to farm the land, grow better crops, have a superior water supply. Might need to drain Lake Superior, but that should be no problem for us. They already have most of our other resources so it would be easy to divert a few pipelines and electrical services further down South and complete the transition.

But the beauty of the idea goes further. He could run the place without worrying about the antiquated idea of only being allowed to be president for two terms. He could build a new constitution and both he and Arnold could duke it out to be the new leader of the new country!

Then there could be a deal to include New York as part of the package and give the Soon to be constructed World Trade Centre (or Center if you prefer) to the financial wizards of our new Israel, and so much more convenient for all the other world leaders to go there instead of having to travel all around the globe for meetings.

Might have to return Israel to Palestine in exchange, and might also have to educate the Southern Baptists so they could turn to Mecca and pray, but, Hey, would that be so bad?

Give it a few minutes to let it sink in. I almost drowned in the bathtub this morning giving it my full attention!

The only drawback might be that. instead of giving away Texas, he might want to come and live in our little paradise, so, just forget the idea.

Do we really want Tumbler Ridge to be the focus for another round of Terrorist Attacks?