By George

Not that I expect an answer but, ?Do You Blog?? In my innocence I must confess that I have no idea what means.

In defense of my ignorance you must know that when computers first came on the market I was already retired! My parents, especially my mother, were god fearing people, and further, were even brought up before radios, and we were given the tools of the day. It was expected that we go to church (in my case that was Church of England–now commonly known as Anglican, or Episcopalian if from the USA) and when I joined the military was told to state my religion. Since I needed a job, and would get clothes, and food, it was a shock to find my preference at the time to declare I was an atheist was not acceptable to the recruiting official!

He insisted that before I was eligible for getting the aforementioned food and clothing he needed to know which of the available religious offerings I would choose. It turned out that they had the quaint rule that on Sunday mornings all of us had to go to church, so we had no choice but to declare which church. So, I did what every smart kid did, and lied. It all went well, and because I was six feet tall, was also just the correct height to learn to ?slow march?. I also learned to carry caskets. Some day I may expand on this delightful experience, but, for now you will just have to remain ignorant of the ?Rest of the Story?.

Since almost everyone reading this has a computer at his or her disposal you will know there is a word known the world over as ?Google?. There are even a couple of words, ?Google Earth?, also at your disposal. Once you reach one of these expressions, and know what a cursor is, the world is at your fingertips!

I kid you not! I can go there right now and with just a flick of a finger, can type one ?one!? letter of my alphabet and within a micro second–the last one took .18 of one second– to open up an incredible fountain of information! I chose the letter f and was flooded with several million, or was it billion? articles!

If you had chosen ?Google earth? you could immediately go to the Eiffel Tower or any other point of interest and focus on what is happening there. If you have a television set you know how simple it is for even a little kid to get a dose of over-information!

AND (I know, never start a sentence with a proposition) we are only six years into this new century! So what are we to expect next? Fortunately my grandchildren are not astounded by the technology and are literally bored with my ignorance and want to get back to playing games on their Game Boys, Nintendo devices and YTV games! Surely wise beyond their years.

Because my feeble brain is worn out from opening new paths to the wonder of the future, perhaps I should ?cease and desist? while there is time to ?Abandon Hope All Ye Who Enter Here!? Enjoy the rest of the summer. It has been fun.