By George

I know that you will probably have turned the page (again) by the time you get to find what is currently on my mind, but bear with me as my feeble attempt to turn water into wine (whine) comes to you one more time.

Can you imagine being in a crowd of twenty four thousand people? Or, have you been there? If you have, and realized you were alone, did you panic?

Being in this fine little town, and enjoying the thrill of knowing so many lovely people who have moments of rational behaviour, AND, TAKE A MOMENT TO SAY, HELLO, brings me back to the terribly awkward and thankless moments when stuck with the mindless people around me in a gigantic crowd.

Guess I have always been a small town guy and get depressed if I go to the PNE or some other extravaganza where the mindless lurk in huge numbers. Been there? Done that? Save me from that.

Anyway, I am not envious of those who like crowds. They can be there and have a great time while at the event, whatever it may be.

However, I must say that if I had been at the huge gathering in Toronto last week with Stephen Lewis, Bill Gates and Bill Clinton, now that would be an event I would have loved to be at. I guess love is not the right word, but, you will know what I mean.

It was a revelation to realize that there are actually wise, and articulate people in this world who can spend time and energy to try to make a difference in the lives of us all! It was energizing to listen to what they had to say with passion and reason!

NO TALK OF WAR! NO SPOUTING PLATITUDES! ABSOLUTELY NO TALK OF TERRORISM AND THE GLIB WORDS OF SECOND CLASS MINDS! What a wonderful world it could be for all of us if we could only listen, and act on their ideas and show we understand what they said so eloquently!

Just imagine being able to rid the world of HIV/AIDS! What a miracle to give life to women and children who are dying at an incredible rate right now! The opportunity to have a vision such as they have seemed to be so ephemeral an idea just a few short days ago, and yet, ?The way is there for us to participate in the miracle.?

If you somehow missed the entire program, it is a shame, but, if you have some means to get on the Stephen Lewis web site maybe you will be given the opportunity to choose to help those defenceless people who so desperately need us, and our energy to bring the vision into all our lives.

When we realize how fortunate we are to be living in this country where we have been given the amazing vaccinations discovered within our own lifetimes and which have given us so much to be thankful for, and now we are on the doorstep of such incredible opportunities to expand our good fortune to millions of others.

Good hunting, and good fortune go with you!