By George

Having had some military experience (more than sixty years ago) and, although this is a far different world today, some of the problems of yesterday probably are similar to the problems of this group of warriors. We had a goal, to rid the bad guys from killing our allies. Not too far from our soldiers intent to get rid of the bad guys. We fought our battles in Europe, Africa, and Asia.

Today, our targets are not the people of Italy, Germany and Japan but, for some reason we seem to have targets made up of individuals, now known as terrorists, and, instead of us sending the dead back home, they were, in huge numbers, left in the skies, in the seas, or in the ground near where they lay dying. Today, each and every one gets a ride home in a huge aircraft and is individually buried in pomp and ceremony. In the former wars the political forces had no problems attracting hundreds of thousands of people to go out to do battle to pretty clearly defined enemy combatants.

Most Canadians have no taste for joining the battle against unknown and unidentified targets, sometimes called INSURGENTS, or TALIBAN, or perhaps, HISBOLLAH, or, whatever the leaders of this world want to call the INFIDELS! I wonder how they did it when they needed to replace the British warriors when Richard the Lionhearted, fitted his soldiers with shields with a large cross emblazoned on the face of the shield. Which were designed to protect them from the previous infidels.

But I digress one more time. What in the world are we doing getting involved in such targets?

Surely the Prince of Peace had a far different plan for us! Since when was killing yourself for the privilege of going to their version of Valhalla so popular? Most of us are too selfish to want a Vestal Virgin (or is that nine, or seventeen) as payment for dying. Not that I understand what the Koran really meant. Must get back to school and find out more about comparative religions. Rather like the Da-lai Lama?s attitude which more or less follows the path of the one which lead so many to follow Mahatma Ghandi?s philosophy. Maybe it is time to give women the rights the Amazon ladies were noted for, although they were fond of plunking arrows into their enemies, which sort of lets them out. At the very least perhaps we should be like the Jehovah Witnesses during the lead to the second world war when they refused to learn how to kill as Hitler wanted them to do, and were, in turn eliminated in huge numbers just for being pacifists.

Remember the old soap serial, ?As the World Turns?? Or as we called it, ?As the Stomach Churns?? It does make one want to ?throw up?. Enjoy the Fall Season! It is about to arrive.