By George

You may have observed that my one track mind went off the rails a couple of weeks ago. However as the marshalling yards in most large cities are made of multiple tracks which usually lead the shipper to a terminal, all is not lost! As I am now on track once more I can now regale you with my most recent observations about that other George (for a short moment).

You may have seen that Canadian magazine which featured him on the front page. The rude comment about his chances to win another term in the White House did not go unnoticed. I said to a friend that the author of the article had made a survey of Canadians and found there were still about twelve percent who still felt he would be a good president. Her response, ?We have to remember the problem of illiteracy among Canadians must be addressed!?

On to more worthy thoughts. Have you noticed that there are a large number of our residents who give generously of their time and talents with no thought of getting a reward for their efforts? I have, and am impressed with the gifts they give us all! For all of you who do the Citizens on Patrol work, the fire fighters, the ambulance crews, the volunteers who help our kids activities programs, the library volunteers, (and the paid ones too), the school volunteers who read to kids, and all of you who have made this place our town, thanks.

As with a number of people who recognize the Lent season as an important feature of the calendar year, we are celebrating this year with a program which emanates from a church in California. Fundamentally, I too support the essential elements which Jesus gave to us as a model of behaviour, and find no conflict with the premise of loving our neighbours, and turning the other cheek and other biblical admonitions. However, when I have been told that God had me planned long before I was conceived and had organized my post conception activities from the very beginning for His pleasure, I still think of myself as a doubting Thomas. Perhaps time will prove He was right, but I will no doubt be resting in my tomb when this occurs. As noted men (and women) of science have come to the conclusion that The Kyoto Accord makes sense, I would like to expend my energies supporting the concept of making this earth of ours a pleasant place to be in, rather than a holocaust forged by ignorant bullies who only believe that Star Wars and atomic weapons will solve their miniscule mind sets! OOPs! Said I would think more pure thoughts this season. Sorry!