By George

As usual, my feeble attempts to enlighten our neighbours to the South have fallen on deaf ears.

With (or without) your permission, let me once more try to enlighten their collective wits so they, along with our new Prime Minister, may come from the darkness, into the light.

What is it that you (our Southern Neighbours) fail to have learned from the scholars who placed bibles in your hands? Did you not learn that Christmas was designed from the start up times a couple of thousand years ago to be a special holiday? Did you not find that there was a New Testament? Was it not made clear to all of us that the leader, Jesus, made it obvious to his disciples, that, for all of them, which I presume meant us too, that using the weapon most commonly used at the time, (THE SWORD), was not the way to salvation?

On innumerable times he exhorted his followers to be kind to others. He showed his concern for the less fortunate wherever he met them and gave them hope for a future which would put bread and fish at their disposal so they might not spend days without food, and hope. And, now, when we look at our Peace Keepers from Canada, they are currently dressed like Martians (with our version of the sword) at the ready! They are looking for the ENEMY, not to bring them hope for a better society, but to kill them wherever they can be found! What was wrong with HIS message? Have we all forgotten what Canadians are, what they stand for and what blessings they have found living in a favoured land?

Somehow, somewhere, someone, will have to lead us away from disaster, and forward into the Promised Land. You may remember hearing about Mammon and Jesus? exhortation to not let HIM become their god! Getting a mixed message from Bay Street and Wall Street about what we should acclaim as the wonderful future for all who have made a fortune on the Stock Exchange! Seems to have abandoned the comments about, Blessed Are the Poor, for they shall inherit the earth! By the time we have blasted their land into eternity, that earth will be no longer viable. There is a hymn about the harvest season I used to sing with enthusiasm. Does it still fit into the twenty first century hymnals? If so, take another look at it. It could make us change our minds about the Good Guys and the Bad Guys.