By George

Did you miss us? We, that is: Janet and I, took off by train from Edmonton to look at this vast country we call Canada by train! Haven?t gone that route since the last days of WWII. What a difference!

Other than a couple of delays in getting started we were treated like royalty from one end of the country to Halifax at the other end. What a great way to travel, with all meals included, all beds made, and reset for daytime as pleasant as pleasant could be! We came back by plane, which was OK, and were met at the airport by our daughter, who then drove us home.

Janet has already decided we must do it again soon!

The gods smiled at us from start to finish. The rail staff all did too! To be fair, so did the air staff on the quick trip back to Edmonton.

Since we had not done a great job preparing for all aspects of the trip, when we started looking for socks, and other unmentionables, we realized a more effective packing schedule would have been immensely useful, but that was not the fault of anyone but ourselves. The weather was sensational, with the yellow leaves in the West shading in to the reds as we approached the East.

Should have taken a few lessons with taking photographs before starting but, that, again, can hardly be blamed on anyone but ourselves. Highly recommend taking the time to let someone else drive, some others to do the Daily Bread tasks, and others looking after the domestic details!

We were happy to be home again and to realize how fortunate we are to be living in paradise!

Heard of course about the UN trials with those rascals in North Korea.

You will note from the above comments all our travel was in Canada, so, when some of the passengers said they had been in ?America?, we were too polite to tell them they must have been talking about the USA, BECAUSE, they were still in America on the train, and were still furthering kind relations by not asking whether they meant South, or North America. Lord, Forgive Them, They Know Not What They Say.

Speaking of the real rascals: Can you really understand why my namesake (BRRRR!) says we should consider a blockade to make them behave!

Planning on using the massive nuclear warship named after your daddy, George!? Have yet to follow the reasoning of the only nation to ever do a massive destruction in Japan using NUCLEAR WEAPONS, remember Hiroshima, and Nagasaki? Used real WMD too!

Why should he have all the fun? If you read Neville Shute?s description of what a war with Nukes would do to the planet you might have a better reason to be apprehensive about the guy with the red button! Forget, ?God Bless America!? ?God, Forgive Us Our Collective Stupidity for blasting our planet asunder!?

Sent any help to the millions of orphaned kids in Africa yet?

Understand that we (the have nations) have the capacity to provide retroviral medications to those already infected with AIDS but have a supply and demand problem. Maybe ?Battleship George Bush? could load up with the drugs and take a quick trip, or two to Africa and save a few million people from dying needlessly! Just a thought.