By George

I must confess that my last column about ?BRRR! WINTER! —- was not meant to be ?AN ENDORSEMENT OF THE NEXT FIVE MONTHS!? Sorry if the weatherman misinterpreted my remarks. OK Blame it all on me, I have broad shoulders—-Just keep your guns sheathed!

As some of you will know, we ran the Ten Thousand Villages Festival Sale on November 23, 24, 25 and 26. For those brave souls who came to the library and made purchases, grateful thanks. As there is much left to be sold it was decided to try on Saturday, December 16th, IN THE LIBRARY AGAIN, to try to provide more funds for the villagers to make more crafts for next year?s sales. We will open the December sale at 10 am and run until 4 pm. HOPE TO SEE YOU THERE!

To the brave and diligent people who worked so hard during the earlier sale, our thanks! You done good! (Forgive me dear Janet for a complete failure to listen to your grammatical insight.) It was impressive to find so many people in the library and discouraging to find they were mostly the volunteers helping to sell the goods. I should list them all, and especially those who came every day, but, you shall all remain anonymous one more time. I phoned the sales coordinator to tell her about the awful weather and she told me they tried to have a sale in Dawson City and their weather was much worse than ours!

For some of you who used to read my old columns from years gone by maybe a refresher course is in order. If you must leave Tumbler Ridge this winter, PLEASE! PLEASE! remember the nearest point of re-entry to a populated centre is many miles distant. When your vehicle comes to rest at a point not inhabited by other than a moose, or deer, it may be some time before assistance arrives. This is especially true if you drive after nightfall! A few questions you might ask yourself: Did I check to see if my spare tire had air in it? Did I dress warmly? Have I looked to see if there is a jack in its cradle? Have I brought any matches? What about a blanket? Need a shovel if I slipped off the pavement? What about a first aid kit? Thought about a few munchies in case nobody stops for a number of hours? If I think about walking, did I bring a toque, or earmuffs, or a hat with earmuffs? What about a scarf? This is only a partial list of common sense things you might wish you had thought of before heading out. Good Luck to the adventurous folk who only thought of a bottle of hootch before leaving.

Sorry Corporal Peats! Did not mean to spoil your chances of making an arrest. Your good advice columns need no help from me, but ?Keeping it between the ditches? has always made me cognizant of my imperfect driving skills.