By George

I read the article going the rounds in Tumbler Ridge regarding the failure of the members of our council from a ?resident??

It appears that the editor?s reply shows exactly why people who hide behind a wall of anonymity should rethink sending messages when they do not have the courage to come out in the open and admit they can stand up and be counted without being a nameless coward understood by the real people who live in this fine town.

I used to be a gutless wonder too, but learned a lesson from a true friend after having an article published in the Vancouver Daily Province about sixty years ago using my aunt?s name instead of my own! He bluntly told me that if I did not have the guts to sign my own name nothing should be sent to a publisher! Lesson learned.

If you have read my many columns in this paper, you will know my name, and my picture. Not very remarkable, and I do say nasty things about the present President of the United States which seems to be warranted as the years go by. Notwithstanding these horrible accusations from me, he continues to be the president, and, so far, nobody takes me seriously! Too bad, because the tide is turning, and the, so called ?WAR? is under scrutiny by the legislative bodies in that country. Not that we are not heard, but, my voice, and the voices of others, seem to reflect the inability of those people in the Americas to cause a change in direction from the leaders of the USA.

Have often wondered why we, as Americans too, get lumped together with them. Maybe we will always consider ourselves just Canadians, and not part of the rest of the two large continents joined at the Isthmus of Panama.

Just a thought for you, ?Blogger?. If you are so angry with our little governing body, just get yourself a soapbox and say what you want, in public. I am certain the town could find a location for you to espouse your feelings, and might even offer to advertise for you, so you will rightfully be acknowledged by our residents.

Good hunting!