By George

Today will (or may) come as a shock to you! It really does not matter, because, for a change, this will not be about my normal complaint. The giant headache emanating from Texas, while still following his dream of being the leader of the Free World without a hope of going to the Pearly Gates without a bit of assistance from Bill Gates first, is not a responsibility of mine any more! If you have not seen ?An Inconvenient Truth? yet, get a copy and look hard at its contents. Probably not as great a movie as some of the classics of the century, but, worth a second look.

Was it George Bernard Shaw who wrote, ?Brevity is the soul of wit?? If he was not the author, my apologies to the true wit.

For me, a wit, is something to be dreamed of. Wish I was, but the truth is, I cannot even claim to be a half-wit! More like a dim wit! That being said, let me tell you about my version of an angel, or more properly, a gaggle, flock, bevy, or cloud of angels!

This brings up the point. What is an angel? Always was brought up to think of them as exclusively gender specific. They were always dressed in white, held harps, and, in my innocence, believed they were too nice to be anything else but ladies!

Never entered my head they were Huge Giants of Men carrying swords just to protect us heathens from THE ENEMY! That is my problem! Just what is the problem if THE GOOD GUYS have a problem identifying RIGHT, and, WRONG?

As angels were always up in the heavens, on clouds, with harps, it seemed natural for me, piloting an aircraft through similar clouds, that I should encounter a few of them some day. I had a rude awakening, flying back from Germany and encountering cumulonimbus clouds, and entering the cloud! Saint Elmo?s Fire! What a shock! All the prop tips bathed in fire, the tail section bathed in fire! Not to mention the buffeting of trying to fly through that cloud! As you can imagine, with all the static electricity generated, when we arrived back at the station, all seven of us chose to let the other one get off the plane first! Gentlemen All Were We! Fortunately, the ground crew did a good job of leaving the grounding wire in place and we left the kite, safe and sound! Never saw an angel the entire time!

The point? (See paragraphs two and three). We have eight angels as grandchildren, a huge number of residents in this lovely town who are definitely angels and they all seem to think they are just ordinary people without wings. WRONG! Try as I might, I cannot believe I am not in heaven already!

Even Corporal Peats fits the nomenclature! Keep looking at his columns. You will find an angel lurking there, just waiting to be discovered! As I have not seen the wings, or the harp, I too will be looking harder next time we meet! Enjoy Shangri-la!